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Vinash (1 Litre Systemic Herbicide x 12) – Carton

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Vinash is a systemic herbicide formulated to control weeds effectively, offering a convenient and versatile solution for weed management in various agricultural, horticultural, and non-crop settings. Proper use and stewardship of Vinash are critical to ensure safe and effective weed control while minimizing adverse impacts on the environment and human health.

  • Active ingredient: Glyphosate IPA 41% W/W




Vinash 1L Systemic Herbicide is a systemic herbicide available in a 1-liter formulation, typically sold in packs containing 12 units. If you decide to use a herbicide to control weeds, be sure to select the appropriate product for your situation.

Control Tips:

  • Be sure to read, understand, and follow all of the label directions when mixing and applying herbicides.
  • Make sure the label clearly states that the product can be used in the manner you intend to use it.
  • Remember, more is not better. Use the application rate on the label.
  • Some herbicides are selective, and only kill certain types of plants, while others are non-selective and kill almost any type of plant.
  • Some herbicides kill weeds quickly, others can take up to a week or more.
  • Some herbicides have active ingredients that are more likely to move through soils toward groundwater. Others are much less likely to move through soils.


  • It is typically sold in packs containing 12 units, providing a bulk supply of the herbicide for multiple applications or larger-scale weed control operations.
  • The packaging is designed to ensure product integrity and facilitate storage and handling during transportation and use.

Vinash 1L Systemic Herbicide Application:

  • It can be applied using various methods, including foliar spraying, basal bark treatment, or soil drenching, depending on the target weeds and application requirements.
  • Proper application techniques, timing, and herbicide rates are essential for effective weed control while minimizing the risk of off-target damage and environmental contamination.

Vinash is a type of herbicide designed to control weeds by being absorbed and translocated throughout the plant’s vascular system.

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