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Tomato-Jarrah RZ F1 (100 Seeds)

Jarrah RZ F1 is now available. This tomato variety is TYLCV resistant (transmitted by whitefly), is a vigorous plant, has very firm fruit with a long shelf life, and is semi-determinate with good continuation.

It offers a combination of desirable traits, including disease resistance, high yield potential, and excellent taste, making it a popular choice for tomato growers seeking reliable performance and quality fruit.



Tomato-Jarrah RZ F1 Product Description

Tomato-Jarrah RZ F1 is likely bred to have robust growth habits, with sturdy stems and foliage that can withstand various environmental conditions. It may exhibit determinate or indeterminate growth patterns, depending on the specific breeding goals.

Tomato-Jarrah RZ F1 is often described as having a well-balanced flavor, with a combination of sweetness and acidity. It’s bred to appeal to a wide range of tastes, making it suitable for various culinary uses, including fresh salads, sandwiches, and cooking.

Fruit Appearance:

  • Elongated plum fruit shape.
  • It is typically round or oblong, with glossy skin and a vibrant red color when ripe.
  • The size of the fruit can vary, but it’s usually medium to large.
  • The shape and color are often uniform, making it visually appealing for both fresh consumption and market display.

Disease Resistance:

  • It is resistant to common tomato diseases and pests.
  • Semi-determinate plum tomato.
  • Good vigor and canopy cover.
  • It may be bred to resist issues such as tomato mosaic virus, fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt, and nematodes, among others.
  • This resistance helps ensure a healthy crop and reduces the need for chemical interventions.

Adaptability & Yield:

  • It is bred to thrive in a range of growing conditions, including different climates and soil types.
  • It is suitable for both field and greenhouse cultivation, providing flexibility for growers in various regions.
  • Tomato-Jarrah RZ F1 are often bred for high yields, ensuring a plentiful harvest for farmers and gardeners.

Market Availability:

  • The seeds are typically available from reputable seed suppliers or agricultural companies specializing in vegetable seeds.
  • They may be marketed specifically for commercial growers or sold to home gardeners looking for reliable and productive tomato varieties.
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