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Samking Solar Pump Kit 0.75HP 3SPWF1.5 |110

The Solar Pump Kit is a water pump set that allows the use of energy from an inexhaustible source – the sun – to power the pump and thus pump water. water. This Solar Pumping Kit is pre-sized to facilitate choice and improve the user’s purchasing experience.

• Water desalination, purification and filtration

• Supply for arid and semi-arid regions

• Water treatment

• Water reuse

• Residential and communities – access to water

• Reservoir and storage – water tank and tanks




Samking Solar Pump Kit 0.75HP 3SPWF1.5 consists of a photovoltaic solar panel and a submersible water pump. It was carefully sized by experts to meet the needs of extracting or transferring water from artesian wells and reservoirs with a maximum flow of up to 9,000 liters per day, or at a head of up to 80 meters.

The energy generated in direct current (DC) by the photovoltaic panel directly feeds the pump or a driver, not requiring electrical energy and eliminating the need for a stationary battery.

Power 0.75hp/1000w
Power type DC
Max head 120m
Max flow 25L/minutely
t size 1 inches
DC voltages range
AC voltages range
Controller external pump pump
p body stainless steel 304
Pump length
Impeller stainless steel
Impeller type Helical

Samking Solar Pump Kit 0.75HP 3SPWF1.5 Components:

  • Solar panels: Photovoltaic panels that capture sunlight and generate electricity.
  • Submersible pump: The pump itself, which is typically designed to be submerged in the water source.
  • Controller: A device that regulates the operation of the pump, optimizing performance and protecting it from damage.
  • Mounting hardware: Equipment for securely installing the solar panels and pump system.
  • Wiring and connectors: Necessary for connecting the various components of the system.
  • Optional accessories: Depending on the specific kit, it may include additional accessories such as sensors, valves, or monitoring devices.


  • Renewable energy source: Solar power is abundant and renewable, making it an environmentally friendly option for water pumping.
  • Cost-effective: Once installed, solar-powered water pumps have minimal operating costs since they rely on sunlight, eliminating the need for fuel or electricity.
  • They are suitable for off-grid locations where access to traditional power sources may be limited or costly.
  • Low maintenance: Solar pumps generally require minimal maintenance compared to conventional pumps powered by fossil fuels.


Weight 30 kg

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