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Ridomil Gold Plus (Syngenta Brand | 50g)

Ridomil Gold Plus 42.5 WP, 30 g is a broad-spectrum fungicide that fights against blights in a wide range of crops. It offers systematic and contact action with preventive, curative and sometimes eradicative effects.



Ridomil Gold Plus Active Ingredient(s)
Metalaxyl-M 6% + Copper(1) Oxide 60%

– Systemic, contact action for crop protection;
– Contains two active substances;
– Efficient against Oomycete fungi;
– Fast absorption rates – within 30 minutes, rainfast;
– Upward movement through the plant;
– Protects new growths;
– Wide range of applications.

Action mode:
Ridomil Gold Plus is a mixture of two powerful compounds that offers inside and outside protection for your plant crops:
– Once applied, the product is quickly absorbed by the plants and is redistributed through the sap stream;
– It provides control against fungi within the plant by inhibiting fungal growth;
– The copper element forms a residual protective field on the outside of the plant and blocks infection by inhibiting spore germination.

Methods of application:
Apply Ridomil Gold Plus preventively, at the first signs of plant disease in the stage of vegetation and during active development of the plant.
Climatic conditions and the evolution of disease should be taken into account when applying treatments.
Adjust the treatment interval according to climatic conditions, disease, and culture. During a season no more than 2-3 treatments with Gold products (Folio, Ridomil) will be applied.
Do not exceed the maximum recommended number of treatments.
Follow the specific instructions of application for each type of crop.

The withholding period is 20 days for potatoes, onions and tomatoes and 28 days for grapevine.

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