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Promote (Biological and Organic Plant Growth Promoter | 100ml | 250ml | 500ml | 1000ml)



Benefits and Features of Promote 

Promote is an exclusive biostimulant based on bioactive humic substances derived from Vermicompost. It helps in the retention of flowers, imparts better organoleptic properties like luster, aroma, flavor, and taste; and attracts pollinators.

Mode of Action

  • Provides bioenergy required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and biostimulant substances. PROMOTE GA is not derived from mineral/mining sources and is not Potassium humate or any other chemical humates.
  • It is derived from Vermicompost. Also contains biologically derived macronutrients, micronutrients, enzymes, gibberellins, betains, and many unidentified biostimulants present which can provide energy to the plants.
  • Promote the development of plant roots, which is beneficial to plants to absorb water and nutrients.
  • Activate NPK and trace elements to counteract the antagonism of phosphate in the soil. which is beneficial to the absorption of trace elements by plants.
  • Improve the activity of various enzymes in plants, enhance plant metabolism, and facilitate plant growth and balanced growth; Promote flower bud differentiation, increase fruit setting rate, promote fruit enlargement, brighten color, and early maturity.
  • Enhance the plant’s resistance to stress and improve the resistance of plants to drought, cold, pests and diseases;

Composition of Active Ingredient
Humic acid -10 %, Amino acid – 80 %, Surfactants and stickers- 10 %. Total100%.

Target Crops

All Crops

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