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Imported Battery Cage (120 Birds per Unit)

Providing optimum ventilation for birds; this Imported Battery Cage (120 Birds per Unit) ultimately guarantees healthier birds with great performance and good productivity.

  • It is electro-galvanized with a PVC feeder.
  • It also has a tray such eggs can be picked easily with a lifespan of 30years under good maintenance.




An imported battery cage, with a capacity of 120 birds per unit, is a specific type of housing system commonly used in intensive egg production in poultry farming. Here’s a breakdown of what this term implies:

  1. Imported: This indicates that the battery cage system has been manufactured in another country and imported into the local region for use in poultry farming operations. Importing such equipment may be due to factors such as cost-effectiveness, availability of specialized technology, or specific features not readily available locally.
  2. Battery Cage: As mentioned earlier, battery cages are wire cages designed to house egg-laying hens in intensive production systems. These cages are typically arranged in rows and tiers within a poultry house, maximizing space utilization and facilitating efficient management of the flock.
  3. 120 Birds per Unit: This specifies the capacity of each individual cage unit within the battery cage system. In this case, each unit is designed to house up to 120 birds. The dimensions of each unit are configured to accommodate this number of birds comfortably while providing access to feed, water, and nesting areas.

The Imported Battery Cage (120 Birds per Unit) comes with automatical feed feeder and the category of H type poultry cage. Electro-Galvanized with PVC feeder. It’s an ideal choice for owners of poultry farm/plant all over the world.

The Premium Battery Poultry Cages are designed for clean and easy egg packing as well as minimal feed spillage when feeding chickens. They come with all the required water accessories and adjoining parts.

The cages are suitable for all kinds of egg-laying chickens including breeders, layers, point-of-lay and point-of cage birds. They are well designed for clean and easy collection of eggs, a seamless serving of feed and easy management of the entire cage.

The feeder is made from a synthetic plastic material called Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which prevents rust and therefore lasts longer. Also, they help prevent feed wastage because of their shape. 

Characteristics of the 120 Birds Capacity Cage

  1. Each cell can hold a maximum of 3 birds
  2. Each cage has 5 cells
  3. A whole unit contains 8 cages in 4 tiers
Weight 100 kg

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