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Palm Kernel Nuts (1000kg)

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Palm kernel nut is inebriate of the byproduct from palm oil processing. The hard shell is cracked to reveal the nut inside our palm kernel nut yields a high amount of oil and is the best choice for palm kernel oil manufacturers.





Palm kernel nuts are the edible seeds extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis). They are a key source of oil and other products and are harvested primarily for their oil content. Here are some key points about palm kernel nuts:

  1. Harvesting: They nuts are harvested from the fruit of the oil palm tree. The oil palm tree produces clusters of fruit known as bunches. Each bunch contains hundreds of palm fruits, and within each fruit is a single palm kernel nut.
  2. Oil Content: They contain a high percentage of oil, typically around 50% to 55% of their weight. This oil is rich in saturated fats and is commonly used in various food and non-food applications.
  3. Processing: They nuts undergo processing to extract the oil. The nuts are first cracked to remove the shell, revealing the kernel inside. The kernels are then crushed or pressed to extract the oil. The extracted oil is further refined for various uses, including cooking oil, industrial applications, and as an ingredient in food products.
  4. By-products: In addition to palm kernel oil, the processing of palm kernel nuts yields several by-products, including palm kernel meal, which is used as animal feed, and palm kernel cake, which is used as a livestock feed ingredient or as fertilizer.
  5. Economic Importance: They are a valuable commodity in tropical regions where oil palm cultivation is prevalent. The production and trade of palm kernel nuts and their derivatives contribute significantly to the economies of countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and others.
  6. Sustainability: The cultivation of oil palm trees has raised concerns about environmental sustainability, deforestation, and habitat loss. Efforts are underway to promote sustainable palm oil production practices that minimize environmental impact and promote social responsibility.

They are widely used in various industries, including food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and biofuel production.

Its oil is different from palm oil, which is obtained from the flesh of the fruit. The following are other products gotten from Palm kernel namely; palm kernel oil, palm kernel cake, palm kernel sludge and palm kernel shell {crushed} which is used as a biofuel can be gotten from palm kernel nuts.

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