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New Hope Grower Mash (322) – 25kg

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New Hope Grower Mash 322

Grower feed is the type of feed given to laying chickens from when they are 9 weeks old until they are ready to start producing and laying eggs (usually between age 15 weeks and 18 weeks. Once the young chicks are 9 weeks old, you will have to switch their diet to grower feed.

New Hope Grower Mash Feed is a balanced feed designed to prepare growing chicks to achieve an early onset of lay and faster attainment of peak production once they start laying.

Feeding recommendation

New Hope Grower Mash 322 ad-lib from 9th to 15th week. This feed is often used for layer chicks to facilitate proper bone structure, frame development, and reserves for early egg peaking. Always ensure birds have access to clean, fresh water.

  • Early maturity (onset of lay at 15-18 weeks) hence more eggs
  • Supports the immune system and growth
  • Improves the digestibility and absorption of the feed
  • Reduces wet droppings and odor


Please ensure the product is stored in a cool, dry, and vermin-free environment.

Why buy New Hope Feeds

  • Improves FCR
  • Reduce feed cost
  • Improve production
  • Reduce mortality rate
  • Excellent performance
  • Excellent uniformity
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