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Muriate of Potash (MOP) Fertilizer



Potassium chloride (commonly referred to as muriate of potash or mop) is the most common potassium source used in agriculture, accounting for about 95% of all potash fertilizers used worldwide. Mop has a high nutrient concentration and is therefore relatively price competitive with other forms of potassium.

MOP is a water-soluble potassium fertilizer renowned for its efficiency and versatility in promoting robust and healthy plant development.

Key Features:

Essential Potassium Source: MOP is a concentrated and readily available source of potassium, a vital macronutrient essential for various physiological processes in plants. It plays a crucial role in enhancing root development, improving drought resistance, and promoting overall plant vigor.

Water Solubility: The water-soluble nature of MOP ensures quick and efficient nutrient absorption by plant roots, making it an ideal choice for fertigation systems. This rapid uptake ensures that your crops receive the potassium they need precisely when they need it, optimizing growth cycles.

Crop Compatibility: Our Soluble MOP Fertilizer is suitable for a wide range of crops, including cereals, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Whether you are cultivating in open fields or utilizing controlled environments, MOP provides the flexibility to meet the potassium requirements of diverse crops.

Soil Fertility Enhancement: MOP not only provides an immediate potassium boost to plants but also contributes to overall soil fertility. Its application helps balance nutrient levels, fostering a healthy soil environment that supports sustainable and high-yield agriculture.

Application Guidelines:

Fertigation: Easily integrate MOP into your irrigation systems for precise and efficient nutrient delivery directly to plant roots.

Foliar Feeding: Utilize MOP in foliar applications to address immediate potassium needs during critical growth stages.

Compatibility: MOP is compatible with most commonly used fertilizers, allowing for easy integration into existing fertilization practices.


Enhanced Yield Potential: MOP’s targeted potassium supply promotes flowering, fruiting, and overall crop development, contributing to increased yields and improved crop quality.

Stress Resistance: Potassium is known for enhancing a plant’s ability to withstand environmental stresses, such as drought and disease. MOP strengthens plants, promoting resilience in adverse conditions.

Sustainable Agriculture: By supporting optimal plant nutrition and soil health, MOP contributes to sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring long-term productivity and environmental stewardship.

Invest in the growth and vitality of your crops with our Soluble Muriate of Potash (MOP) Fertilizer – the key to unlocking agricultural excellence and maximizing your harvest potential.

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