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Motorized Knapsack Power Sprayer 15L

A motorized knapsack power sprayer with a 15L capacity is a valuable tool for agricultural professionals and hobbyists alike, offering efficient and effective spraying capabilities for maintaining crop health and productivity. Proper maintenance and calibration of the sprayer are essential to ensure accurate application and prolong its lifespan.



Motorized Knapsack Power Sprayer is Portable, flexible, and efficient machinery for plant protection. 

Knapsack Power Sprayer is one kind of portable, flexible, and efficient machinery for plant protection. It is mainly used in the prevention and cure of diseases and pests of plants such as cotton, rice, wheat, fruit trees, tea trees, banana trees, etc. It can also be used for chemical weeding, epidemic prevention, sanitation protection in cities, vegetable protection, etc.

Motorized Knapsack Power Sprayer Main Features:

1. This machine adopts a gear structure to decrease speed, so it is very durable.

2. The main part is the plunger pump of two directions type. The structure is simple and compact, so it is easy the maintain.

3. This machine has high pressure, big flow, and good efficiency, so the protective effect is very obvious.

4. The main spraying parts are three nozzles, which are developed and only adopted by our factory in our country. So the spraying range is wide.

Motorized Knapsack Power Sprayer Features and Characteristics:

Motorized Operation:

  • A motorized knapsack power sprayer is equipped with a motor-driven pump.
  • This motorized operation reduces the physical effort required by the operator and allows for continuous spraying over extended periods.

Knapsack Design & Capacity:

  • The sprayer is worn on the operator’s back like a backpack, allowing for hands-free operation and ease of mobility in the field.
  • The sprayer’s tank has a capacity of 15 liters, allowing for a significant volume of liquid solution to be carried and applied without the need for frequent refills.
  • The knapsack design distributes the weight of the sprayer evenly across the operator’s shoulders and back, enhancing comfort during use.
  • This capacity is suitable for covering large areas of crops or plants efficiently.

Pressure Control:

  • The sprayers often feature pressure control mechanisms that enable the operator to adjust the spraying pressure to suit different spraying tasks or liquid solutions.
  • This allows for precise application and minimizes waste or overspray.

Adjustable Nozzles:

  • The sprayer is typically equipped with adjustable nozzles that allow the operator to control the spray pattern, droplet size, and spray volume according to the specific application requirements
  • Different types of nozzles may be available for various spraying tasks, such as wide-angle flat fan nozzles for broad coverage or adjustable cone nozzles for targeted application.

Weight 45 kg

2 Stroke, 4 Stroke

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