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Mentofin (250ml/1l)

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General prevention and relief of respiratory symptoms and infections in Poultry such as CRD, infectious coryza, etc.





  • General Prevention of Respiratory Problems for all types of Poultry. Apply in drinking water – 20ml 100 litres for 12 hours/day twice weekly or Aerial spray – 100ml in 5 litres of aerial spraying in pen containing 10,000 birds twice weekly.
  • Reducing Vaccine reaction and enhancing antibody production after live vaccine application e.g. ND, IB Gumboro -20mls per 100litres of drinking two days after vaccination for whole day over a period of 3 consecutive days
  • Symptomatic relief of sneezing, wheezing or congestion during respiratory infection -20mls per 100litres of drinking daily for 3 days along with the aetiological treatment for the infection
  • Against respiratory problem at end of commercial broiler production cycle. -20mls per 100litres of drinking in drinking water 12 hours daily for 3 days commencing from 1 week to culling
  • Mentofin …mother nature’s solution


  •  Eucalyptus oil – an antiseptic with strong antimicrobial activity against bacteria and fungi.
  •  Menthol – acts as local anaesthetics and disinfectant and when inhaled, it inhibits laryngitis and Bronchitis.
  •  Saponins which are emulsifiers that are responsible for complete water solubility and stability of the product.

PACK: 1Lt/250mls


  •  Prevention of post-vaccination reaction in ND, IB in Poultry
  •  Immunomodulation of both cellular and humoral immunity and particular the counter attack of immune deficiency due to IBD (Gumboro)
  • Our Mother Nature’s Solution possessing far reaching antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory activities, working wonders within the respiratory tract & beyond. As an immunomodulator; stimulates and boosts immune response. Used in biosecurity via drinking water & spray for prevention, combating & alleviation of disease condition whether hot or mild.
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