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Manure Scraper



Manure Scrapers is clean the living environment of the animals  and provide storing into the fertilizer silo by scraping the animal manures with a  chain rope and hydraulic system. This  scraper features 2 blades or 3 blades, depending on the type of poultry cage

Cleaning of the barn ground from animal manure and urine is very much important from the angle of animal health. Contacting of animals  with animal manure and urine constantly inside of the barn causes many illnesses;  increasing of the veterinary expenses of the companies and dropping of the profitability.

Manure Scraper You can clean the animal manures on the ground of the barns many times manually or time adjusted operation automatically.

The manure scraper doesn’t disturb the animals during the operation. In case an animal stands in front of it, it waits until the animal moves out of its sight. Thanks to the system, the barns remain  dry  and animals clean and healthy.

Its pushing and pulling parts are made of heat treated, calibrated chain.  It can also work on non-susceptible grounds. It can be used both manually and automatically. There are corner idlers in chain and rope scrapers. The chain scraper unit and base are protected against external factors. All parts are hot-dip galvanized coating.

The Importance of Manure Scraper

Efficient cleaning carried out regularly every day helps to:

  • Maintain traction
  • Improve hoof health
  • Increase overall animal cleanliness
  • Reduce emissions of ammonia and improve air quality, both for the animals and the farm operators
Weight 200 kg
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Three blades, Two blades

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