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Bag of Irish Potatoes (50kg)

Potatoes aren’t usually thought of as nutritious. However, this all-purpose vegetable has some surprising health and nutrition benefits. Although french fries and potato skins may be heavy in fat and calories, the potato itself is fat and cholesterol-free as well as low in sodium. Prepared the right way, potatoes can make a delicious, satisfying, and healthy dish.

At HTS Farms our Potatoes are sourced from the best and we guarantee you all the freshness and nutrients you would expect, so what are you waiting for? Put some in the cart!



Irish Potatoes is a very common tuber, eaten by people all over the world. Unlike the popular belief, the Irish Potatoes don’t originate from Ireland but from South America. They are only associated with Ireland as they were closely associated with the Irish Potato Famine when there was a serious infestation of the crop. Some people also refer to the Irish potato as white potato. If you are searching for a premium source for starch, Irish Potatoes is the way to go.


The way the Irish potato is naturally produced gives it a waxy surface, this makes it preferably suitable for boiling. Do not be deceived though as they also go perfectly when they roasted, broiled, fried, or even used as potato salad. White potatoes are fat-free and are a major source of fibre and potassium. When these potatoes are cooked, the energy they supply to the body is very beneficial in numerous ways. The potassium available in Irish aids muscle function, nervous system and even helps control the level of blood pressure.


Irish Potatoes are also rich in Vitamin C. These act as antioxidants that aid in digestion, cardiovascular functions, blood pressure, and even in the prevention of cancer. When you purchase this bag or basket of Irish Potatoes from HTS FARMS, you would discover that you get the healthiest looking set of tubers. The most important role Irish potatoes play in the human diet is the abundance of fibre it delivers to the body. If you did not know earlier, fibre is solely responsible for the proper functioning of the human digestive system. All those complaints about constipation and colon issues are totally eradicated.

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