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Industrial Blast Freezer (5HP)

  • Depending on your unique requirements, we sell blast freezers in a variety of configurations.
  • Our Blast Freezers were designed by HVAC engineers and food technologists to rapidly lower the temperature of any food product to between -250 and -350 degrees Celsius.
  • Our blast freezer models are simple to operate, affordable, durable, and cost-effective.



Industrial Blast Freezer in Nigeria is a specialized type of freezer commonly used to preserve food stock at a very low temperature to prevent the growth of bacterial or microorganisms. At normal temperature, bacterial growth in food occurs at a rapid and exponential rate which could make the food item, under temporary storage, unsafe for future consumption.

The microorganism cannot thrive in the extremely cold environment of a blast freezer. Bacteria multiply fastest between +8 °C (46 °F) and +68 °C (154 °F). By reducing the temperature of poultry or any other food item from +30°C (86°F) to -10 °C (14°F) or below within 90 minutes, the food is rendered safe for storage and later consumption in its frozen state.

Industrial Blast Freezer Specifications:

Door: Swing door

Panel Type: 150mm Poly Uretene panel

Floor Type: Aluminium chakered plate covered floor

Shelve: Stainless steel shelve (On request)

Standard Colour: White

Uses of blast freezer in Nigeria:

  • Livestock farmers (e.g. poultry)
  • Abattoirs
  • Fishery
  • Massive Ice block production and so on

Blast Freezer Technical Specifications include:

Type: Split unit

Phase requirement: 3 phase (380-415volts)

Compressor type: Semi-hermetic

Compressor brands: Cope land, Bitzer, & Franscold.

Mounting position: Horizontal

Defrost: Electrical

Panel thickness: 100/120/150(mm)

Temperature: -25 degree to -35 degree

Noise Level dBA (10m): 42

Dimension (LxBxH)(ft): 5x5x5
Tonnes(kg): 150kg
HPpower: 5hp
Required (kva): 12.5kva

Advantages of Blast Freezer 

  • Ease of loading and offloading
  • Longevity & optimum operational performance
  • Wheel in and out ergonomic options
  • Portability and mobility
  • Customization/ bespoke options are available on request.


Weight 350 kg

5 * 5 * 5 ft Blast Freezer (5hp), 6 * 4 * 7 ft Blast Freezer (7.5hp)

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