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Herbal Poultryvite (Supplement for Poultry and Livestock | 1000ml)

The direction of use for Herbal poultryvite.

For poultry: Mix 15ml of herbal poultryvite per 5 litres of drinking water and serve in the birds drinking pots

For livestock: Mix 20ml of herbal poultryvite for every 5 litres of drinking water and serve in their drinking pots.

Herbal Poultryvite benefits chicken growth. Because Herbal Poultryvite decreases bacteria, which in turn increases the ability to absorb nutrients, there’s some evidence that the chicken’s general growth over time increases.
This is important for the broiler chicken industry where birds are expected to put on growth very quickly.




Herbal Poultryvite for your poultry and livestock will help you overcome the challenges of an antibiotic-free poultry environment. Herbal Poultryvite is the perfect additive to poultry and livestock drinking water. If you are searching for a complete supplement for chicken, goat, pig, cow, rabbit, and sheep, then this product is your answer.


1. It can be used to prevent coccidiosis. It has been demonstrated that chickens that are given Herbal Poultryvite in their drinking water “significantly increased” the percentage of beneficial antioxidants and “significantly decreased” the level of harmful toxic stressors in cells.

2. It controls bad bacteria causing diseases. Our on-farm research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Herbal Poultryvite against other bacteria, specifically salmonella, campylobacter, and escherichia coli (e-coli).
it eliminates bad bacteria, it also enhanced the specific and non-specific immunity in poultry.

3. It can be used in the digestion of nutrients. Because Herbal Poultryvite reduces harmful bacteria, it at the same time allows nutrients in the gut to increase. The gut is no longer having to share nutrients with the bacteria. Our on-farm research has also shown that the gut itself then improves. The surface area of the intestine (the “villus”) increases, the “intestinal mucosa” which helps preserve the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients becomes less inflamed, and the chicken can absorb more of her food’s nutrients as it passes through the digestive system.


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