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Golden NPK 15:15:15 Fertilizer (50kg)

NPK 15: 15: 15 fertilizers can be used on all soil types under all crops. It is used as the basic fertilizer in Nigeria to feed the plants.



Golden NPK 15:15:15 Fertilizer is a premium homogeneous fertilizer for maintaining ornamental landscape plants such as foundation plantings, shrubs, ground covers, trees, roses, and flowers. It helps to promote overall growth.

Golden NPK 15:15:15 Fertilizer can also be used as a supplement for lawns and turf grass for greening.

The color of this fertilizer will be either green or blue.

Directions of Use: Scatter one teaspoon per small pot of plant (1-2 tablespoons for large pots) once every 2 weeks, and water immediately after application to speed up the absorption of the fertilizer.

• Soluble in water
• Non-burning – high crop safety
• Immediately used and absorbed by the plants, with a rapid initial response
• Frequent applications at low rates give the best results in sustaining growth
• Improve drought and disease tolerance
• Continuous and long-lasting Nitrogen supply, for satisfactory aesthetic

Nitrogen (N) – 15%
Phosphorous (P) – 15%
Potassium (K) – 15%
Trace Elements


Applied in an appropriate program for balanced fertilization with a view to the requirements of the specific crop, the type of soil, and the microclimate of the area, the complex fertilizers have the following advantages:

  • Controlled release of nutritional elements.
  • Significant increase in the coefficient of use of the nutritional elements.
  • Possibility for accurate and controlled input of comparatively low norms of a certain element, which is difficult to attain with separate fertilization.
  • Reduction of the losses from washing and flying off of the nutritional elements.
  • Lower expenditures at one-time input into the soil – transportation, time, and labor.
Weight 15 kg

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