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Ear Tags for Medium Animals (Ram/Pigs) 100

Ear tags are essential tools for medium animal management, providing a convenient and reliable method for individual identification and tracking. By using ear tags effectively, farmers can improve herd management practices, enhance animal welfare, and optimize production outcomes in their operations.



Ear tags for medium animals like rams and pigs are identification devices commonly used in livestock management. These tags help farmers and ranchers keep track of individual animals for various purposes, including breeding, health monitoring, and record-keeping.

Ear tags for medium animals are typically made of durable materials such as plastic, metal, or a combination of both and are designed to be appropriate for the size and anatomy of animals like rams and pigs.

Advantages of Using Labelled Eartags:

  • To enable farmers to visually identify their livestock.
  • Aids in the tracking of animal activity, health, and reproduction.
  • To aid in the management of reproduction, epidemics, quarantine, and other issues.
  • To make field data and knowledge easier to keep track of, which helps in proper management.

Precaution and Use:

  • When applying ear tags to your livestock, pay attention to the ear tag’s location as well as its orientation, taking into account which part of the ear tag faces the animal.
  • You also ensure that the proper disinfection process and procedure is adhered to.
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