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Garri Processing Machine

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A Garri Processing Machine is used to process cassava into gari, which first washes and peels the cassava, grinds it into a slurry, extrudes excess water from the cassava pulp, and fries it for storage.

Efficient garri processing machines play a vital role in increasing productivity, improving product quality, and meeting the demand for this popular food product.



Garri Processing Machine Product Description

Garri processing machine is an equipment used in the processing of cassava into gari, a popular staple food in many West African countries.

Here are some common types of garri processing machines:

  • Cassava Peeling Machine: This machine is used to remove the outer skin or peel from cassava roots before further processing.
  • Cassava Washing Machine: After peeling, cassava roots need to be thoroughly washed to remove any dirt or debris. Cassava washing machines use water and agitation to clean the peeled cassava roots
  • Cassava Grating Machine: Grating is a crucial step in gari processing, as it breaks down the cassava roots into smaller particles.
  • Fermentation Racks or Tanks: Fermentation is an essential step in gari processing, as it helps reduce cyanide levels in cassava and improve the flavor and texture of the final product.
  • Hydraulic Press or Dewatering Machine: After fermentation, It is used to squeeze out the water from the fermented mash, resulting in a semi-solid mass known as “wet garri.”
  • Garri Fryer or Roasting Machine: Garri fryers or roasting machines use heat to dry and roast the wet garri, transforming it into dry, granular suitable for consumption.
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