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Foreign Goslings (Male & Female Baby Geese | 4 Weeks Old)

  • They have been raised in a safer and healthier atmosphere
  • Balanced growth and development.
  • Healthy and strong
  • Survivability and disease resistance.
  • Already vaccinate



Foreign Goslings Small-scale animal farmers rely heavily on the produce of their own farms, and a lack of land, labour, and resources forces them to refocus their livestock production toward species that are both inexpensive and easy to sustain and provide both animal protein and cash income.

Geese are particularly well-suited to these types of systems. When kept in small flocks and permitted to roam the farmland, field, or backyard, mature geese are more independent and larger than other poultry species, making them less vulnerable to predators.

Foreign Goslings are skilled scavengers that need less care than any other domesticated bird. If a small amount of supplementary feed is given to boost their rapid development, geese adapt easily to captivity. Thus, with little additional effort, these animals provide nutritious meat, large eggs, and rich fat for cooking, as well as soft down and feather for bedding, clothing, and upholstery, making them especially suitable for supplementing farmers’ income.

Weight 4 kg


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