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Fertilized Eggs (Noilers)

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The parent stocks which produce the hatching eggs are carefully selected and originate from our verified vendors. Our professional breeder farms are a guarantee of premium hatching eggs, the basis for a healthy and vital noiler chick.



Fertilized Eggs Noilers

Fertilized Eggs Noilers chickens are hybrid products of broilers and cockerels. Hence, they develop a lot of meat like broiler chickens are very resistant to adverse conditions like cockerels, and can withstand most common poultry diseases.

Fertilized Eggs Noilers were recently introduced into the Nigerian market to make the raising of chickens easier for many farmers.

To Incubate and hatch your Noiler chicks yourself is one of the most wonderful opportunities you have, to witness the miracle of life right before your eyes.

Achieving this great feat brings with it a lot of joy and relief that you can achieve greater things in your farming experience.

The process of incubating and hatching your Noiler chicks comes with a lot of meticulous and calculated planning from getting a healthy, vibrant parent stock devoid of any diseases or deformities to selecting a good incubating machine that will deliver a good job.

With the male Noiler chickens, you can achieve a bridge of the benefits of broilers and cockerels. In 12 weeks to 16 weeks, the Noilers can attain a weight of up to 2.5 kilograms if fed quality feed (with good management).


  • Give antibiotics and vitamins (e.g. Enrofloxacin and Vitalyte) for the first 5 days.
  • Ensure they have enough access to feed and water daily.
  • Call your veterinarian to vaccinate them regularly according to the schedules recommended.
  • Always give them multivitamins before or after vaccination.
  • After the first de-worming, make sure you de-worm them every month or as recommended by your veterinarian
  • Drugs can be given to them after the day of vaccination, but not on the day of vaccination


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