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Clarias Juveniles (6 – 7 cm)

Clarias juveniles play a vital role in the aquaculture industry, serving as the foundation for successful catfish farming operations. By employing proper management practices and leveraging advancements in breeding and nutrition, farmers can achieve higher yields and profitability in their operations.



Clarias Juveniles genus refers to young catfish belonging to the Clariidae family, commonly known as air-breathing catfish. Clarias juveniles are in the early stages of development after hatching and typically range from a few days to several weeks old.

At HTS Farms, we supply a wide range of fry and fingerling sizes as well as juveniles. African catfish ( Clarias spp) fingerlings up to 10 grams per piece are transported using our fish transporter and we are capable of transporting any quantity of fish depending on the quantities our customers want.

Since they are easy to handle and grow quickly, Clarias spp juveniles are well recommended for farmers who want to rear Catfish for the first time. They are ideal for fish farmers who raise smoked catfish or those who raise their fish for two to six months. Within 5 to 6 months, they reach a weight of 1 kg. Standard juveniles measure 9-10 cm in weight.

Advantages of Clarias Juveniles

They are more hardy

They inherit the fast growth rate of their Clarias parent.

Grows bigger than Clarias Gariepinus.

Have a higher rate of survival in their fry stage and are more resistant to diseases.

They are recommended for fish farmers who want to increase their profits and the survival of their fish.

Packaging: Packed in 50 liters gallons

Item Condition: Live

Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Estimated delivery: 1 to 2 weeks


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