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Breadfruit/Ukwa (1 Custard Rubber)

Our freshly processed African breadfruit (Ukwa) is an excellent source of potassium, source of energy, and resistance against infections. Ukwa also aids digestion, help in dental health and provides Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid.



Ukwa, also known as breadfruit porridge, is a traditional Nigerian meal that comes from the eastern part of Nigeria. It is made out of the fruit of the Treculia Africana tree that many call African breadfruit. It might be a little bit on the expensive side for some, but the mouth-watering flavour of the end product makes it totally worth it.

Did you know? 

Ukwa is an excellent source of various nutrients. 100 grams of ukwa contain 10% of good (unsaturated) fats, up to 15% of protein, 25% of carbohydrates and 2% of fibre. This meal also contains Vitamin C, folic acid and beta-carotene. The 100-gram serving of ukwa is only around 240 kcal, which makes it a perfect meal option for those who are watching their figure or struggling with diabetes.

How to Prepare Ukwa

There are many ways of cooking ukwa. Some prefer it cooked plain with no seasonings, as fresh ukwa tastes great even without salt or can be cooked as porridge. You can roast it and consume it with palm kernel or coconut.

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