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Biovac Gumboro Vaccine (1000D & 2000D)

Gumboro Vaccine is used for immunizing chickens against infectious bursal disease. It contains tissue culture attenuated infectious bursal disease virus propagated in SPF chicken embryo fibroblast cells.



Biovac Gumboro Vaccine is a vaccine used in poultry farming to prevent Gumboro disease, also known as infectious bursal disease (IBD). Gumboro disease is a highly contagious viral infection affecting young chickens, particularly those between three and six weeks of age.

The disease primarily targets the bursa of Fabricius, an organ in the immune system responsible for the production of antibodies. Gumboro disease can result in severe immunosuppression, leading to increased susceptibility to secondary infections and significant economic losses in poultry farming due to mortality, decreased growth rates, and poor flock performance.

Vaccination with Biovac Gumboro Vaccine is a critical preventive measure in poultry management programs. The vaccine helps stimulate the bird’s immune system to produce antibodies against the Gumboro virus, protecting against the disease.

It’s essential to administer the Biovac Gumboro Vaccine according to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended vaccination protocols. It involves vaccinating chicks at specific ages or stages of development to ensure optimal protection against Gumboro disease.

To induce immunity to Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) [Gumboro Disease] in one-day-old chicks that lack maternal antibody. This vaccine is presented in freeze-dried form packed in vials and is generally well-tolerated by poultry birds.

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