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Agrosafe Knapsack Sprayer (16L)

Agrosafe Knapsack Sprayer is a reliable and efficient tool for applying liquid solutions to crops or plants, offering convenience, versatility, and precise application for agricultural tasks. Proper maintenance and calibration of the sprayer are essential to ensure accurate application and maximize its lifespan.

The 16L easy carry knapsack sprayer has a ‘pump as you go’ pressure action that makes light work of those big spraying jobs. The large capacity makes this sprayer ideal for use in the bigger garden.



Agrosafe Knapsack Sprayer is a type of agricultural spraying equipment designed for use in various farming applications.

It’s a container made of plastic or stainless steel for holding liquid solutions like pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or water for irrigation.


  • Trigger lock feature
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Pump as you walk feature.
  • The Tuftacre has a large 16-litre capacity and is suitable for most garden and household chemicals
  • Comfortable shoulder strap fitted for easy use.
  • The sprayer also has a trigger lock mechanism and adjustable spray nozzle for flow control.
  • This knapsack is easy to use with a comfortable shoulder strap and a pump-as-you-walk feature.

Adjustable Nozzles:

  • The sprayer is typically equipped with adjustable nozzles that allow the operator to control the spray pattern, droplet size, and spray volume according to the specific application requirements.
  • Different types of nozzles may be available for various spraying tasks, such as wide-angle flat fan nozzles for broad coverage or adjustable cone nozzles for targeted applications.

Pressure Control:

  • The Agrosafe Knapsack Sprayer often features pressure control mechanisms that enable the operator to adjust the spraying pressure to suit different spraying tasks or liquid solutions.
  • This allows for precise application and minimizes waste or overspray.

Long Spray Wand:

  • The sprayer is equipped with a long spray wand or lance that extends the operator’s reach and facilitates accurate application, even in hard-to-reach areas or tall crops.
  • The spray wand may be fitted with a trigger handle for convenient control of the spraying action.

This capacity is suitable for covering large areas of crops or plants efficiently, reducing downtime for refilling.


Weight 16 kg

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