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agrochemicals and urea fertilizers


One of the most dangerous things about fake, tainted, and counterfeit agrochemicals and fertilizers is that they make farmers lose a lot of money on their investments.

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Many farmers spend a lot of money on these agrochemicals, but the yield or harvest is still much lower than what was expected.

Farmers often complain that most of the chemicals they bought didn’t work or didn’t do a good job.

Quick tips while buying Agrochemicals

Is the price of the item you want to buy too low? Farmers shouldn’t choose agrochemicals based on how cheap they are. Instead, they should always look at the container for a special seal that the company puts on each product.

“Ask your supplier or store where the product came from if it seems too cheap or if you have any doubts,” the Farmers’ Weekly said.

Check to see if the product is packaged well, sealed well, and labelled well in English.

The Farmers’ Weekly also said that if the farmer is familiar with the product, he should make sure it looks and has the right colour. The same should be true for a parallel import.”

If you are still not sure if the product is real, check the label for the manufacturer’s information, which is usually written clearly on the bottle, and call the manufacturer.

If you’re buying in bulk, buy directly from the manufacturer and make sure that what you get matches the product you ordered and the details on the invoice. A lot of sneaky things can happen to products while they’re in transit.

Lastly, good and honest producers or agro-dealers make sure they have a way for customers to get their problems fixed and offer after-sales services to make sure their products are used the right way to get the best results.

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The Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN) has told farmers that they should only buy fertiliser from certified distributors so that they don’t buy fake fertilisers from shady dealers.

Alhaji Ahmed Rabiu Kwa, who is the Executive Secretary of the group, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos about this recently.

Kwa said that a certificate from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and a certificate from FEPSAN should be hanging on the wall of a business that sells fertiliser.

“Farmers will be able to get good-quality fertiliser from distributors all over the country who are registered and certified by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and FEPSAN.

“They should have these certificates hanging on their walls, and if a farmer doesn’t see them, he should ask questions to prove that they are real. If they don’t like the answer, please don’t treat them like they are stupid.

“The public should be on the lookout for fake producers in their communities and report them, because some of them have already been caught by security agents,” he told NAN over the phone.

He said that some people who made fake fertiliser put fake fertiliser in bags with the names of well-known fertiliser brands, but the real fertiliser inside would not give the farmer the yield he or she wanted.

Kwa said that one of the signs of good fertiliser was that the granules didn’t break apart easily in the palm, even when pressure was applied.

“If you want to know what good fertiliser is, you’ll need some technical knowledge. It’s not easy to tell the difference between fake and good fertiliser.

“Fake fertiliser usually has ingredients that don’t match up, and when you hold it in your hand, you can see that it breaks up into dust or sand.

“However, you’ll notice that the granules of a good fertiliser are strong and don’t break when you crush them in your hand. A farmer still has to go to a fertiliser lab to find out what nutrients are in the granules, though.

“Those people who make fake fertiliser just mix up trash, sand, and other unwanted things and put them in bags that look like those made by real fertiliser companies.

“If a buyer isn’t careful, he might buy that as fertilizer, but when he puts it on his farm at the end of the day, he’ll find that it didn’t do anything.” “So, it’s important to tell everyone to be careful,” said the FEPSAN Executive Secretary.


What is fertilizer adulteration?

How to tell if a fertiliser is real or not
Adulteration of fertilisers is when extra materials are added to a standard fertiliser to make it less effective. It is very common in many parts of India, and farmers are losing a lot of money because of it.

Which fertilizer grow plants faster?

High-nitrogen fertilizers are known to make plants grow very quickly, so many of them are high in nitrogen or have it as their main ingredient. Nitrogen-rich fertilizers will also make your plants’ leaves look bright green again.

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