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how to make millions from poultry farming

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To make millions from poultry farming, there are some secrets you should follow. In the business of raising chickens, the three types of birds which are layers, cockerels, and broiler .

The statistics from uspoultry reported that the combined value of production from broilers, eggs, turkeys, and the value of sales from chickens in 2020 was $35.5 billion-So why won’t I become a chicken farmer?

Even though raising chickens takes a lot of work and costs a lot of money, the money you’ll make in the end will make up for it. Also, it seems very expensive, especially if you want to start a business on a larger scale.

If you want to start making a lot of money from chicken farming, here are five ways to do it.

1. Selling chicken eggs can help you make millions from poultry farming

Selling their eggs is one of the best ways to make money from your chickens. If you keep chickens as a hobby and don’t know what to do with the extra eggs, you might decide to sell them so that you can at least keep your chicken coop in good shape.

sell chicken eggs and make millions from poultry farming

 Also, if you want to raise chickens for sale as a side business, you should focus on breeding breeds that can lay between 300 and 350 eggs per year.

 If you have 1,000 layers, you might save about $6,000 over a year. Therefore, selling eggs can make millions from poultry farming

2. Make chicken coops and sell them

If you are good with your hands and want to take advantage of other people’s desire to keep chickens, you could make and sell homemade chicken coops.

 Offering customized coops gives chicken keepers a choice they can’t get anywhere else, because there is a demand for cute, cozy coops that match people’s homes.

 If you can find the right market, you can sell your own coops for hundreds of dollars each.

3. Sell chicken manure

Another way to make millions from poultry farming is selling chicken poop. Chicken poop is often called “black gold” because it can be used in so many ways. After a few weeks, chicken dung, which is an organic manure with a lot of nitrogen, is very good for plants that are growing.

 You can pick up chicken poop from under the roosts and sell it to organic gardeners in the neighborhood.

 Another way to make money from chicken poop is to use it to make briquettes, which can be used as fuel for cooking and to heat a chicken coop. The briquette is more efficient than charcoal because it gives off more heat and less smoke.

4. Selling meat birds

The most common type of bird used for this is the broiler chicken. Broiler chickens, which are a hybrid breed, can produce a lot of breast meat in just 6 to 8 weeks. Meat production is one of the fastest ways for a chicken farmer to make money.

 But there are a few ways to make meat. If you want to sell them processed and ready to eat or as live birds, you should look into the rules in your area about how to process and sell meat.

5. Pullets

Another way to make millions from chicken farming is to raise pullets. “Pullets” are young hens who are about to start laying eggs or have already started.

 Many backyard farmers and homesteaders decide not to raise chicks because of the stress involved or because they don’t have the right equipment. Some people can’t wait for them to start laying eggs for months.

Your customers will pay more for a hen that is already laying eggs or is getting ready to lay. Depending on its age and breed, a pullet can cost anywhere from $5 to $20.

 When setting a price and figuring out if it will make you enough money, you should think about how much time and money it will cost you. You will need a lot of space and, if possible, deep litter.

Things you can do to get the most money out of your chicken business

1. Selecting The Best Chicken Breeds

If you really want to make millions from your chicken business, this is the first thing you need to get right, because everything else you do as a chicken farmer will depend on this choice.

If you started out by choosing a bad breed of chicken, it wouldn’t be a surprise that you would lose a lot of money. It’s not easy to choose the best breed of chickens, especially for farmers who are just starting out in the poultry business.

if you don’t really know how to choose the best breed, read this Guide on How to Choose the Best Broiler Breed For Optimal Performance in 2023

Here are a few things that might help you decide.

  • Identify the aim of your poultry business

This is an important step because it will help you choose the right breed to raise. Also, it’s important to decide early on if you want to start making meat (known as broiler farming).

In this case, you can go ahead and decide which breed of broiler chicken is best for you. It’s also important to choose a broiler chicken that can get big enough for the table quickly, like in 8 weeks (2 months). But if you want to start selling eggs or raising layer chickens, it’s important to choose from a list of layer chickens.

It is also best to choose breeds that lay a lot of eggs and are resistant to diseases. If you don’t know how to make this kind of decision, you should talk to a vet or ask other farmers in forums.

  • Reach out to a good hatchery to supply chicks

Once you know what you want your chicken farming business to do, the next step is to find a good hatchery to get your birds. You should only buy chicks from hatcheries that have a history of making good chicks.

Getting your chicks from any old hatchery can cause you a lot of trouble and stop you from making a lot of money. Also, make sure the chicks have had the right vaccinations. If you don’t vaccinate your birds well enough, you might end up breeding birds that carry diseases on your farm, which would kill your flock.

  • Beware of middlemen

This is important, especially if you’re buying a small number of chicks to start a chicken farm because you might not be able to get them directly from the hatcheries.

Why? because a number of hatcheries choose to sell more at once.

When this happens, middlemen buy from the hatchery in large quantities and then sell them to smaller farmers. The main problem with middlemen is that most of them are not honest. For example, some of them would put low-quality chicks in cartons that were owned by suppliers of high-quality chicks.

When you go to buy that high-quality breed, they offer you the repacked chicks for the same price as the standard chicks.

 What a bad thing to do during the day!

Well, at this point in business, you have to be careful with these middlemen and only buy from ones you know and trust.

2. Optimize Your Poultry Feed

Feed optimization is another important thing that can help you make more money from chicken farming. Feed optimization is very important because feed is a big part of the cost of making chickens.

Also, the birds need food and water, which are turned into meat and eggs by their bodies. So, if you want to make more money from your chickens, you need to cut down on the cost of feeding them.

One of the best ways to do this is to add things like fodder and black soldier fly (BSF) to their regular food. So you could learn how to grow fodders or raise black soldier flies to give to chickens as extra food.

You could also put your money to good use by buying a standard feed formula for your chickens. This would help you make millions from your poultry business.

You could hire a nutritionist to help you come up with a formula, or you could just buy formula for your chickens. Afrimash is a good place to find a good feed formula for your chicken.

It’s just a book, so you can choose to spend money to get this formula and join other farmers who use it to make a lot of money for yourself.

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3. Work With Organic Other Than Synthetic Medication To Maximize Poultry Profit

After the cost of food, medicine is another thing that costs a lot when you raise chickens. So many farmers spend a lot of money on synthetic drugs for their birds, and when the production period is over, they find that they’ve spent so much money with not much to show for it. Organic medicine is the best way to avoid this kind of bad experience and make the most money.

Organic medicine for chickens is made up of herbs and spices that help fight disease in chickens and make their immune systems stronger. This medicine will help you reduce the number of chickens that die and make the most money possible. It would also be a good idea to get a coach to help you make these natural medicines.

Also, it’s important to know how to give the medicines, as well as how much to give and when. Also, it’s important to keep your poultry farm clean, because that will help you stop diseases from developing and spreading, which could lead to a lot of chickens dying.

4. Erect Strong Structures

The cost of building a chicken coop is a big part of what it costs to start a profitable chicken farming business.

Whether you use the deep litter system or the battery cage system to raise chickens, you must build it well. If you made a mistake when building your chicken coop, you would have to keep spending money to fix it over time.

A strong structure will definitely save you money on repairs and help you make as much money as possible from your chickens.So, when you build your chicken coop, you should only use the best building materials.

5. Acquire Durable Equipment

Well, this is like putting up a strong building for your chicken-raising business. Using tools and materials that will last a long time is the best way to go.

When starting a chicken business or building a chicken house, you should only buy high-quality tools. Things like feeders, drinkers, and a few other basic items must be strong enough to last. A strong feeder will help keep feed from spilling and going to waste in the chicken coop.

Also, a strong drinker wouldn’t start leaking water quickly, so it wouldn’t need to be replaced so soon. The point of taking these steps is to make sure you don’t have to pay again and again for tools that should only cost you once.

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6. Employ Affordable And Experienced Labour

If you want to make a lot of money with your chicken business, you need to learn how to lower the cost of labour. Still, the question is, “How can the cost of labour in a poultry business be cut?”

It’s easy! In fact, one good way to do that is to put your chicken farm near a rural area where people work for less money.

You could also choose to hire someone you can teach on the job while he helps you take care of the chickens. Of course, the more money you make off your chickens, the less you have to pay people to work for you.

7. Make a well-thought-out plan for marketing

Before you start your chicken-raising business, one of the first things you should do is research the market.

By doing market research, you can find out how much demand there is for your product. Also, you can only get valuable contact information from people who might buy your products if you do the right research.

It’s important to make a thorough marketing plan so you don’t waste money storing your chickens when you should be selling them.

Even though this idea is mostly useful for raising broiler chickens. In normal conditions, broiler chickens need about 8 weeks [2 months] to grow up.

Here is an awesome read on How To Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster in 2023

If you don’t sell your chickens when they are that old, you will lose a lot of money because the rate at which they turn food into eggs will drop by a lot.

Also, no matter how much feed they eat from then on, their size or weight won’t change much. Because of this, it’s important to plan your sales ahead of time and find buyers before you even start to raise the birds.

On the other hand, if you’re in the egg-production side of the poultry business, it’s important to know when your birds need to be replaced. This is when their eggs no longer cover the cost of feeding them.

Keep in mind that everything you do in a poultry farming business requires you to be strategic if you want to make the most money and become rich raising chickens.


If you want to make millions from poultry farming , you should follow the tips above.

Why? Because they will help you cut down on unnecessary costs and show you the right way to run your poultry business to make more money.

We’re sure that if you used the above strategies, it would change everything for you.

Now that you’re ready to start a chicken business and make money from poultry farming, you’ll need to purchase your equipments and tools so click here to get your poultry Equipments.

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