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Snails Feed – Snails are often common freshwater or terrestrial gastropod mollusks with spirally coiled shells, notably those belonging to the family Helicidae.

It belongs to the Animalia kingdom, the phylum Mollusca, the class Gastropoda, the subclass Pulmonata Order, the family Helidae, and the Acatinidae family.

Typically, mollusks are aquatic creatures like the limpet. The carnivorous Whelk inhabits shells and consumes meat. It is much smaller than a whelk and occasionally eaten. The limpet is a sea organism, sometimes known as a shellfish, that clings tenaciously to the surface where it lives. Other plant-eating animals or creatures with soft bodies and no limbs that move slowly on land include several king crabs.

Elites who go to hotels for self-satisfaction often indulge in snails as a special treat. Those of them who do not go there purchase snails from hunters who search for farmers who have discovered them in the forest or on uncultivated soil.

The Hausa of Northern Nigeria, who are employed to clear virgin forest for plantations, do not consume snails at all; therefore, if one of them is fortunate enough to find snails while clearing or slashing the bush, such finds are seen as additional money-making by selling the snails at a discount to those whose favorite dish is eating snails. Even if the nutritional benefits of eating snails are unknown to our Yoruba farmers, they are aware that the mucus can help to control the excessive blood flow caused by child circumcision.

Snails can be raised in the backyard and are friendly to the environment. This is a result of their lack of noise and odor, as well as the fact that their droppings are firm and simple to remove. Among other things, successful snail production involves adequate nutrition

Performance of Snail Fed With Graded Levels Of Poultry Manure

Much research has been conducted to determine the various performance of snails fed with graded levels of poultry manure. However, most of these researches have come up with the following conclusions:

The snails fed diet 3 with 50% dung showed the biggest growth in mean length, according to the findings of one study. In comparison to those fed diets, the snails fed diet 3 demonstrated superior growth performance. The mean length of the snail’s given palm kernel cake and graded quantities of manure differed significantly. This is consistent with other research that showed dried poultry manure could be used in lieu of fish meal in place of soy meal in diets.

Another study demonstrates an increase in the time of different food regimens for snail feeding. The longest mean length was recorded by snails fed diet 3 (50 percent poultry droppings), which was followed by diet 2 (25 percent poultry droppings), which had a mean length of 202.79. The mean length of snails fed with varying amounts of poultry dung was199.11,187.69, and186.56, respectively.

The snails fed diet 3 that contained 50% poultry dung showed the biggest increase in the mean length of 203.01, according to another finding from research done in 2021. Compared to the snails fed diets0,2,25,75, and 100 percent, diet 3 demonstrated improved growth performance. The mean length of snails fed palm kernel cake and graded amounts of chicken droppings differed significantly.

Another study shows that compared to the diet used for the control group, diets2,3,4, and 5 (which contained varying proportions of poultry droppings) are less expensive to procure. The findings demonstrated that the feed used for the control group—which contains no chicken droppings—was more expensive than the feeds used for the groups that did. According to the current research, palm kernel cake can be replaced with poultry droppings in snail diets to save feed costs.


For greater length increment and feed intake, poultry droppings may be added to the diet of snails up to 50% and 75% of the time. This lowers the cost of producing snails. In general, snails given varying amounts of droppings outperformed those in the control group.

The above-mentioned experiments suggested that poultry manure might be substituted for palm kernel cake in snail diets, ensuring year-round accessibility to snail feeds. The outcomes also demonstrated that poultry droppings have nutritional value, making them valuable as a component of snail feed.

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