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Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa. Rice crops can be either direct-seeded or transplanted.

In direct seeding, seeds are sown directly in the field. While in transplanting, seedlings are first raised in seedbeds before they are planted in the field.

Characteristics of Good Rice Seed
Good rice seed is pure, usually of the chosen variety, mature and uniform in size, and viable (produces more than 80% germination with excellent vigour, free of weed seeds, diseases, insects, or other matter).
• Good rice seed is usually properly labelled with its name.

Seed Rate
It is advisable to use good quality seed from a reliable source for sowing. If the farmers plan to use their own seed, it is important to first sort out unfilled grains before sowing to enhance good germination. Lowland rice: Use 50–60 kg/ha of seed. Upland rice: About 40–50 kg of seed are required to plant a hectare when sowing is conducted by dibbling.

Recommended Rice Varieties
The recommended rice varieties for Northern Nigeria are presented in Table 1.

Notes on GAWAL R1 and Faro 44 rice Varieties

  1. Make sure both varieties are certified seeds from reputable seed companies for an appreciable yield
  2. GAWAL R1 does not tiller well like Faro 44, therefore, spacing between transplanted seedlings can be below 20cm. Whether close or wide apart, GAWAL R1 will still lead as the Head Master
  3. GAWAL can still thrive well even when the seedlings are more than 21 days on the seed beds provided the main rice bays are always wet.
  4. Faro 44 (the Master Tiller) shouldn’t be left too matured on the seed beds for appreciable tillerability
  5. Plant GAWAL R1 in early dry season farming because it has tall stalks and big heads (panicles) so that it wouldn’t be affected by early rains
  6. Faro 44 is just ideal for SRI, casually apply SRI on GAWAL R1 VARIETY
  7. GAWAL R1 is early maturing, so apply sufficient NPK 3 weeks after transplanting, then apply Urea moderately, 2 times before flowering and panicles initiation
  8. Please plant on a good soil
  9. Above all use GAP (good agronomic practice) in your rice cultivation
    If you want to see rice stunning you physically especially during panicles initiation and grain filling, with big heads, long grain like never before, then plant GAWAL R1 Variety produces stunning long grain rice with big heads; bears similar looks to foreign rice while Faro 44 (sippi) produces single strands of rice, tillering to many numbers.



Research Courtesy of: Mr. Danjuma Bawa Babale


  1. Please what is the yield difference between direct seeding and transplanting method on GAWAL R1

    1. Hello R.C, we cannot categorically state but transplanting gives higher yield than direct seed planting as they usually give room for good branching and good nutrients’ absorption

    2. How can I get gawal here in Benue (50kg)and for howmuch

      1. Dear Kon Terkula, Thank you for contacting us. A bag of Gawal (25kg) is N19,950 and you can contact us on 08151767639 or 09066303905 for more details on how to get it.

        1. Where can I get 50kg of gawal rice seed in bauchi and how much is the price.

          Abubakar muhd
          1. Hello sir, You can place an order directly on our website or you can call us or send a Whatsapp message on 09066303905 for a quicker response on how to go about it. A bag of 25kg is N19,950.

  2. Please am from Imo state can I plants Gawal R1 in my place and can I contact you Emeka ishte my name

    1. Hello Emeka, thank you for contacting us. Yes, you can plant Gawal R1 in your state. Kindly reach us on 09066303905 or 08151767639 for more details..

  3. I would like to have 50kg of Gawal R1 in Jalingo, Taraba state for use in this rain season.

    NUHu Manasseh
    1. Good morning, thank you for contacting HTSFARMS, Yes, we can deliver Gawal R1 to you any where in Nigeria. Please feel free to place your order through our website @HTSFARMS.ng or call/message us via WhatsApp on 09066303905/08151767639 for more details.

  4. I would like to have 50kg of Gawal R1 in bauchi state for use in this rain season. What should I do

    Jamil Abdullahi

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