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Among all the types of Fish Ponds, Tarpaulin Fish Pond comes last in the “evolution” of fish ponds and solves the problem (disadvantages) every other previous ponds face… It’s flexible, less time consuming, mobile and more cost-effective than other types of  Fish Ponds.

Tarpaulin is a sheet of polyethene that is solid and dense. It can be made from other substances as well. It is very resistant, adjustable and waterproof. In some cases, it is used to cover agricultural goods and other items.

Here is how to get the right tarpaulin fish pond; the following are things to consider:


Typically, the size of a mobile pond is reported in feet. It is easier to state the highest figure and last to state the height. 20*10*4ft, for instance, means that the fish pond is 20 feet deep, 10 feet wide and 4 feet high. Since the water from a pond should not be full to the brim, we always advise you get a a feet higher than your calculated pond (Say a 4ft high pond, the water should get to 3ft and filled well to keep the sun from heating up the water too much to stress the fishes). It is good to control the temperature of the water regardless of the direct heat of the sun. The deeper the reservoir, the more costly it is.

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Mobile pond frames are the pond’s stands or legs. The frame options available in Nigeria include wood, iron, bamboo and PVC pipes. For various reasons, they are all suited. The galvanized iron frames are more expensive than wood, PVC is more expensive than wood, the cheapest might not actually be the best frames for you, wood is more expensive than Bamboo etc. PVC pipes, for example, are good for hatchery ponds, but they are not good for growing ponds. Many people forget that water is very thick, so the frames have an impact on the price of Nigeria’s tarpaulin fish pond.

Note: these frames are the most significant part of the pond by far. You can see below that this illustration is of a pond overflowing with water. The frames must be sturdy enough to support it.

Pond Liners:

The Pond Liner is what you call the Fish Pond Tarpaulin. The pond liners are of various textures and grades. What is known as HDPE, High-Density Polyethene is the best in the market. It generally lasts for 10 years or more. The Pond liners are also used as liners for earthen fish ponds and leaking concrete ponds in the rows. The higher the standard of the mobile pond tarpaulin, the greater the cost of the fish pond tarpaulin.


Various forms of drainage may be used in the mobile pond. You may use a drainage-style escape valve. Chambered drainage, or pull-out drainage may also be used. The selection of the drainage system is usually based on the location and the situation. The wastewater is channeled to the gutter by some people and to their vegetable farms by others. At the bottom of the reservoir, the drainage must also be able to sweep away the waste feed or debris. The drainage pattern would also impact the eventual expense of the mobile ponds.

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Across the various states in Nigeria, there are price variations. In Abuja and Port Harcourt, the price of wood or iron is different from the price in Lagos.

Here are 5 tips that you must know as you begin if you are just starting your fish farm or fish business.

1. Choose the right species.

2. Select a suitable farm site.

3. Farm design and layout.

4. Manage feeding practices.

5. Minimise chemicals and veterinary drugs.

Finally, The benefits of fish tank made by tarpaulins are:

  • It is flexible, water can adjust itself inside the tank.
  • Management of ammonia is easier compared to a cement tank.
  • Only little amount of water needs to be rotated/replaced compared to RAS.
  • Easy to develop biofloc.
  • Easy to harvest fish.
  • It is transferable.

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